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Our SACE Coordinator has prepared the linked presentation below as an overview of SACE at Avenues College, for students and families to access.

This link to the SACE website gives access to information for parents, staff and students about subjects and courses, support resources and assessment requirements.

SACE -South Australian Certificate of Education 

Vocational Educational and Training (VET) Programs

Our VET in Schools program is suitable for students with a range of academic capabilities.  High achieving students have the opportunity to fast track their pathway to university qualification or gain key skills that will secure entry level positions that will complement further studies. It also provides disengaged students with the opportunity to gain an insight into possible career and study pathways in a more practical learning environment.

What is VET?

Vocational education and training (VET) enables students to gain qualifications for all types of employment, and specific skills to help them in the workplace. Qualifications range from Certificate I through to Advance Diploma. 

What is VETiS?

VET in Schools (VETiS) refers to Vocational Education and Training (VET) courses undertaken as part of secondary school studies. About one third of Australia’s senior secondary students are enrolled in a VET in Schools course. In senior school, qualifications range from Certificate I through to Certificate III level. 

Available to students in Years 11 and 12, our courses are flexible and responsive to student and school needs. Training is delivered either at school or at nearby campuses or training facilities. Work placement or experience is also offered with some courses.

Students at Avenues College have access to other VET courses that are not delivered on site. This can be through the NEVO or at another registered training organisation, such as TAFESA. For more information please visit 

All VET enquiries should be directed to the VET Coordinator on 8261 2733. 

Participating in a VET in Schools program can:

Provide credit towards the attainment of the South Australian Certificate of Education (SACE)

Provide credit towards further tertiary study.

Support a student’s transition from secondary school to employment or further vocational education and training; and

Provide students with the foundation skills needed to acquire a traineeship or apprenticeship.

For further information, please contact the College and speak with our VET Coordinator.