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2022 Term 2 B-12 Newsletter

B-12 Newsletter - NEW Format!!

In order to better showcase our College we have moved to publishing our B-12 Newsletter via Microsoft SWAY.

SWAY provides a platform for more content, imbedded video links and easy access for all.

You are able to access versions of the Newsletter by clicking a link provided below.

B-12 Newsletters are published during the last week of learning each term,  making four versions per year.


Term 4

B-12 Newsletter10th December 2020

B-12 Newsletter6th November 2020

Term 3

B-12 Newsletter30th September 2020

B-12 Newsletter21st August 2020

Term 2

B-12 Newsletter3rd July 2020

B-12 Newsletter5th June 2020

B-12 Newsletter12th May 2020

Term 1

B-12 Newsletter4th March 2020

Beatty Ave12th February 2020